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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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In July, Luke and I took our first ever trip to Europe -- spending two weeks between Italy and Croatia. I took a million pictures, and being that it took me 3 months to even find the time to share them, I'm going to break all of them down into a few different posts over the next few weeks. The first stop on our trip was Firenze, where we spent 3 nights/4 days. Firenze was breathtaking. I wish I could put into words our experience, but I think pictures do it better. Bellissima!
Buongiorno! Breakfast at our hotel (those croissants were the most amazing thing I've ever eaten) // View from our hotel room balcony
From the top of the Campanile. \\ The day that we decided to climb the 414 steps of the campanile, it was 100 degrees outside. We got an early start, beat the lines, but unfortunately not the heat. We were both sweating profusely by the time we reached the top. It was well worth it for the view and the experience. After we climbed back down we got in line to tour the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral itself, but mistakenly got into the line to climb the Duomo (dome). We didn't realize until it was too late, so we climbed an additional 463 steps to get to the top. I was claustrophobic, and the heat was unreal, but once we reached the top I realized my jello legs were worth it for the amazing view. Even just seeing the inside of such an incredible structure -- Brunelleschi was truly a genius. We ended an exhausting and incredible day with vino and pizza...because what else would you do?

  A sweet, local tradition is to rub the boar's nose to ensure your return to Florence. You also put a coin in the boar's mouth and let it drop out into the grates below for good luck. I love a good superstitious tradition. :)
One last glimpse at the beautiful Duomo on our walk to the train station. Florence, you were unreal, and I can't wait to return to you someday. Ciao!

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